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Translink Metro wayfinding project

Translink is gliding ahead with a new integrated passenger wayfinding scheme courtesy of Whitenoise. Following on from last Friday's public launch of the new Glider service, today sees the new Glider buses running for fare-paying passengers for the first time. To help service users on their way, Whitenoise was tasked with the development of a radical overhaul of the route and wayfinding information supporting Glider and other Metro services.

Comprising new Metro stand signage around the city centre, bus stop flags, a Glider corridor map and branding at the Dundonald Park & Ride terminus, as well as a new Metro map for the city, the work was masterminded throughout by Senior Brand Designer Andy Day with assistance from Mark Case and other Whitenoise team members.

A true labour of love, the work was developed from the ground up to provide clarity and ease of use, receiving universal approval from all stakeholders.

Scroll below to see a short highlights film, read some user testimonials and see photos of the installed scheme.

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