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Social media - friend or foe?

Connection is what makes the world go round. Imagine a life without the ‘hello’ from your neighbour, a caring touch on the shoulder from your loved ones, or the messages that instantly put a smile on your face.

In a society preoccupied with advancement - both technological and personal, we can often feel overwhelmed with content and pressured to connect. Which is why the content we share is more important than ever. Attention spans are waning and we are increasingly hard to impress. We’ve seen it before, the resolution isn’t high enough, we’ve seen it done better elsewhere etc etc.

Sometimes we need to just take a step back and assess, what would want to see? What would make me feel connected? We don’t need to appeal to everyone, not everyone will like what we do but we need to have confidence in who we are and what we represent. 

This is pertinent when marketing a business or service on social media. In what can feel like a saturated market, there’s always a creative and positive way to stand out from the crowd, even if it’s for the gloried 15 minutes of fame that day. Actually, count yourself lucky if you were granted 15 minutes with the seemingly constant rotation of content and complex algorithms that we try to befriend. Regardless, in those 15 minutes you can get into people’s psyche, people’s hearts and, most importantly, people’s network. Social listening and the share-ability factor is how you will make an impact. Great, someone liked your post but how did it convert? What was the result of all those hours of research, editing and coming up with (what you think was) a hilarious strapline? 

Creating meaningful conversations through your comments - on both your content and others'- is crucial to securing new business and contacts. Buffer suggests one rule of sharing content; for every ten posts, five should focus on what others are doing in your industry, or content that may be relevant to your audience. Having the confidence to publicly admire or support people around you shows your audience that you are a leader in your field, but also that you have a desire to grow and learn from others. Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?

Oh, and you need to repeat, repeat, repeat.

The research suggests that you need to repeat a message at least seven times to seep into people’s conscience and for them to take action, a theory which Kathy Kruse expands on here. So don’t expect your first post/blog/newsletter to hit your targets first time. Repeat the message on social media, in a meeting or on your website, for example. You could consider producing an integrated campaign focused on one message and create a structured schedule for several campaigns over the course of a year.

Repetition and consistency reign. If you can only post twice a week, stick to that frequency. Be realistic with your resources and make what you post count. 

This is where social media can turn from that pesky foe to your reliable friend. Personally, I love what social media can offer businesses but I tend to feel uncomfortable applying the rules of marketing to my personal activities. So don’t feel you have to let social media creep into every aspect of 21st century life! 

The most important thing is to make your message meaningful, add value, and repeat it several times on various platforms and channels. Don’t bombard but be consistent. You could get a video made or compile a photo library of your team with quotes about how they love working together, for example. 

We always encourage people to research their market but don’t be afraid to be bold with your brand and tell your story. Your journey is worth sharing and there’s a whole world out there waiting to hear about it!

If you would like to explore your digital marketing strategy with Whitenoise Studios, drop us a line and we’ll put the kettle on!

Jordan Whitefield

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